Welcome to Natalie Jolley Wedding Photography Hereford.  This is the wedding section of the website. This is the part where I get to say CONGRATULATIONS and to share with you how my passion for photography will be the best gift I can give you on your wedding day.

Your wedding will be one of the most joyous occasions of your life. I want to make sure that all the smiles, tears and laughter is captured in a truly heartfelt and emotional way.  Honest photography is so fundamental on an important day such as this that my relaxed manner will help guide you through the day with ease and smiles.   My dedication to your wedding will be so absolute that you won't need to worry where I am or if I caught something. Trust me, I'm there. I like to stay in where the action is and on a wedding day there's so much I'm spoilt for choice.  All those details you've spent months planning. I've got them. The image you really want with your best friend, already on my mind. You see I will take the time to get to know you. As individuals and as a couple, that way no moment of your day will be ignored.

Photography is my way of telling stories. The images I create for you will be the longest, lasting memory of your day. That's what drives me. It's your history, your story,  I'm mad about. Let me tell yours, with all the vibrancy and captivating cheer it deserves. Wedding packages are customised to suit each couple. Coverage starts from £800

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Reviews & Comments

"Natalie is fabulous at what she does. Takes the perfect shots in such little time, incredible! So friendly and warm she feels much more like a guest at a wedding rather than the photographer and puts everyone at ease. Thanks Natalie. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the fabulous photos from my beautiful friends wedding xx"    Laura Spencer

"Truly amazing, so talented Natalie captures the most perfect shots effortlessly. And to top it off is a lovely, funny, warm and friendly lady."    Jackie Marlow

"Exemplar! There's not a lot of people that have an artistic eye... Natalie is one of the few. Lovely work, lovely woman."    Dave Ashton

"Fantastic and very talented lady! As well as being an amazing photographer she has the skill of making you feel at ease and relaxed - something that cannot be taught!"     Alex Willson



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Engagements are the start of the whole wedding progress, the spark for celebration. I believe they should be shouted about! Given the right amount of attention rather than being overlooked by wedding plans.  I offer engagement shoots to anyone (even if you've not booked your wedding with me) so you can own meaningful and exciting images as a couple before your wedding day. They can be used at your wedding as part of your invitations, the guest book, or framed on your welcome table.

Engagement sessions can provide you with preparation for your big day. By spending time with your photographer you will have a better understanding of what your wedding day will be like.  You feel a lot more relaxed, enjoying every minute without a second thought to the camera. The location or activity you want to include should mean something to you.  Advice on what to wear, hair and makeup, even props and the season are all choice we can discuss to make sure your engagement session reflects you as a couple.

 The benefit of having professional, emotional and fun images of just the two of you, will really give your engagement it's due.

The connection between the two of you is unique make sure that your pictures are a reflection of this.

Engagement sessions start at £100

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