Family.  When I talk about mine it's usually followed by the phrase "are crazy". I think we all are, just a little. How can we not be? With time speeding along we sometimes wonder how did our baby grow up so quickly?  We sometimes wish there was a pause button so we can hold onto everyone just that little longer. I have only ever found one, the one that's attached to my camera.

I love to create images that show your family life. I don't just mean being together with smiles plasters on. I talking rolling in the dirt, jumping off the slide, having fun in the paddling pool, kissing baby toes, gathering together and eating. Anything and everything we do to celebrate being with the ones we love deserves a picture, a pause, to remember that moment.

So, let's start at the beginning...babies. (Yummy)


The tender touch of mum and dad is known to baby way before they arrive. My maternity shoots celebrate that with plenty of hugging, kisses and excitement of the arrival of your little one. Either at the studio or outside, I'm happy to listen to how you want to show off that gorgeous bump.


My newborn shoots are very different. I don't wrap babies in cloth or put them in teacups. Sorry. It's just not my style. I very much like to keep it real. At home, with mum dad, siblings, grandparents and the dog. (Or cat if that's your preference). I like to show the connection. The love that you have when you want to be holding your baby, be seen feeding or rocking them.  Mum's, you may feel like you don't want to have your image taken so soon after giving birth the idea may fill you with dread but think of it this way. These moments don't happen on repeat. You have this baby, at this age, now. No other time. Isn't that worth it?


These groups of children can prove to be mum and dad's hardest to persuade to have a portrait. They either want to play they're own way or don't play well with others. My way to handle is to let them be them. What does your six-year-old love doing? Is she a ballerina in training. Let's get her to be that ballerina.  Is your teenage son all about his guitar? Bring it with him. If you get your children doing something they love the excitement of the shoot with be more intriguing and genuine for them.

As with all my shoots, I always get to know you and your children before I pick up my camera. This leads to much happier children on a relaxing and fun shoot.