They may be hectic but they're full of romance. Let me help share your love story with beautiful images. With local wedding photography in Hereford.


Maternity, Newborn, Christenings, Children even pets make up the most important aspects of your family life. Don't let a moment pass by.


Alluring and powerful images that celebrate the confidence and strength of being a woman.

Natalie Jolley photography Hereford

I remember the exact moment I wanted to become a photographer. I was standing on the front porch of my Auntie’s house looking over the black mountains wishing I could make the sunset last forever. My aunt pulled out her camera, handed it to me and told me what button to push. Two weeks later sent me the photograph. Boom. That beautiful sunset had become more than mere memory or imagination. I was hooked. That Christmas saw me running around with my own camera and saving up my pocket money to get the films developed. I was ten.

All these years later (I have a few under my belt now) and I can still be found very happily running around enjoying the moments happening before me. I am privileged to spend my time with couples as they get married, families as they grow and business as they develop. I have witnessed shy women become the most glorious models and men transform into the styled heroes of women's dreams. That’s the power of photography. That’s my addiction.

I want to be the person who through my imagination, skill and passion for photography, creates portraits and images for you that you will treasure and share in your family for generations to come.