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I'm guessing you're here to find a wedding photographer? Or perhaps to look for someone to take beautiful, soulful portraits? Well you've landed at the right place. This is my website, and I'm Natalie an award winning photographer who specialises in just that.


Now you're probably wondering what makes me different from any other photographer? Surely we're all the same? Actually there are one or two things that make us all a little bit special. Here's mine.


I was trained way back when film used to be in cameras. This has taught me a lot of patience. Something you occasionally need on a wedding day but more importantly it comes in handy in timing. Understanding when to push that all important shutter button, to capture action as it happens.
I'm curious, which means I'm always on my feet running around wedding venues or locations on engagement shoots. It gives me the advantage of trying to find different angles and lighting that will give you breathtaking images.


I live in a world of bold colours and imagination and I like to add little magical touches to my photos. I don't take forever! Once I've got the shot we move onto something new. I'm open to working with you. If you're nervous about having your photos taken, I totally understand that. I will give you something to do, or think about or even say to one another so you can relax and forget I'm even there. I'm sociable. That might not seem like something you've thought about from your photographer, but I think having someone who will talk to people and chat away will actually put everyone at ease. I'm not a photographer with a great big lens on the other side of the room. I like to get onto the dancefloor with you and get those fun air guitar moments.


it's your engagement, wedding or portrait shoot I’m a traveller by nature and happy to go on adventures with you. Take a look around my curious little world here on my website and see what I can do for you.

About me


I live in a dream world of bold colour, romance, and inventive creation. My camera is not just a tool. It is a doorway into memory and legacy.  It's my happy place. No matter where I am, be it a beautiful garden wedding or in my studio in Herefordshire. I am always wanting to develop new ideas as well as remaining loyal to my traditional roots.  I'm here to create the photos you've always wanted. Talk to me about how you've always wanted to be photographed. Tell me what you love, and what you hate and we'll focus on the good to create the brilliant. 








Oh, how I love engagement shoots!  They are where all the fun starts on the wedding journey.  They're brilliant for so many reasons, including that they can be anywhere.  Yep, you can go to your favourite place, be it a beach or woodland. You can go to a location that has meaning for you. Perhaps your favorite date or even something as simple as where you like to walk the dogs. (and yes, you can bring them with you if you really want too). You can be as serious or as silly as you like. Whatever makes you happy as a couple. Engagement shoots can be bought as a single shoot or come as a complimentary detail to your wedding day package. They will give you confidence for you wedding day and beyond. 


Photography Hereford
Hereford Wedding Photographer
Clock Barn, wedding venue Tufton Warren, England
Wedding Photography Hereford

Wedding Day 


You've worked hard and here it is the big day, your wedding, and I am in my element. I have a natural ability to notice details, to be in the moment and to instinctively know when to push the shutter button on the camera. There will have been plenty of communication before the day, so you won't need to worry where I am or what I'm doing. I will always be very respectful and if you need a little space or time, it's not a problem. We take the day as it comes, but I guarantee it will be a day full of wonder, fun,  love, family, smiles, food, friends, and laughter, and you will have a picture to go with every single one of those emotions.   I'm someone who will bring a little extra ease to your day.  I'll talk to everyone, (no really, I will) while keeping everything positive and simple. There's no need to worry to feel self-conscious. I will flow with the day and with what you want for your coverage.   





When a baby is six weeks old they can recognize the human face. It is in our very evolution to be with and seek out each other company. So there is little wonder as a photographer that I love to create portraits for people. A selfie is all well and good but a portrait goes much deeper than a snapshot. 

It tells us about you, your family, even how to react to your


If you would like to upgrade from the selfie to something more fun,

more emotive, much more you. Head over the portrait page and find

out more. 



Wedding Photography Hereford